4 Ducks on a Log

September 30, 2014

ducks on a logI took a short walk the other day at a place I don’t explore that often. This is one of the first pictures I made. This scene was too good to be true. I was thinking more of Landscapes when I got there and hadn’t even really thought about ducks. And there they were, all lined up and in no mood to leave the log. Gets no better than that. I posted one picture of these guys on Flickr and it was received well, making it to Explore. I liked that picture a lot but for some reason I like this one a little better. I processed them both in Lightroom and Nik Color Efex using slightly different settings. The tones in this one are slightly cooler and maybe that’s it.

Anyhows, it was a nice walk. I came away with a few keepers which is always nice and got to enjoy the day. You can’t beat that in late September around here!

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