Davies Pond – Spring 2014

September 26, 2014

davies pondThis is a picture of Davies Pond. This is a pond I see almost every day and stop by quite often for a walk and some pictures. While not my best picture of the pond, it is one of my favorites. This was taken on March 31st of this year and things had just started thawing out after the infamous Polar Vortex that was the winter of 2013/14. I was just happy to be outside without 8 layers of clothing!

Consisting of 5 frames, it is painfully obvious that nothing was level when I shot those 5 frames hence the nice arch of the horizon. I have since picked up a bubble level and an L bracket for my camera so when I visit again to make another panorama, things should turn out a little better. My next gear purchase is going to be a nodal slide so I can include something in the foreground that will be recorded more accurately.

I don’t make a lot of panoramas but I do like them. Having the right gear helps a lot as does the right technique. I’m still working on it. Having the bubble level really helps and I can’t say enough good things about having an L Bracket. It just makes everything so much easier when you don’t have your camera hanging sideways off your tripod when shooting vertical frames. I heard somewhere that it helps if you have the right tools for the job….

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