March 28, 2015

While I don’t know most of the rules when it comes to Water Polo, one thing I do know is that I really like watching it! These kids put everything they have into it and can go from joking around on the deck to pure intensity once in the pool when the whistle blows.

This is a tough sport. Sort of like Hockey and Wrestling combined. In a pool. There are four 7 minute periods and most of the kids stay in the pool for all of it. Any substitutions made are when someone is completely gassed or for match ups. It doesn’t happen all that often. That’s a lot of swimming! Things can get pretty intense out there and the kids are incredibly focused. And this is just High School! Below is a picture of my son blocking a shot. He comes home with all kinds of interesting bruises and scratches. And loves every minute of it!

water polo

The save!

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