The Robin Family

May 15, 2015

This is a Robin nest in a tree right off my balcony. You gotta love it when a photo op this nice is so close to home! I have been watching this nest since it was built. So has Jerry the Cat.

They picked a perfect spot too. Far enough out on the branch so the squirrels wouldn’t be too nosey and surrounded by branches to give them cover. Smart move. I could tell when a squirrel got too close because you could hear it scrambling and you’d see the Robin parents dive bombing. Sort of funny to watch. Not much fun for the squirrel. A few times I could swear I heard Jerry the Cat laughing.

Last week I noticed baby Robin heads popping pretty far out of the nest when mom showed up and figured it was time for a portrait. I would like to think they would like it.

Patiently Waiting for mom.

baby Robins

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