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Hummingbird 2014

molting hummingbird

I saw this Ruby Throated Hummingbird the other day and thought he/she looked pretty interesting. At first I thought it was a youngster but have since been told it is just molting. It’s fun watching these guys zoom around my friends back yard. They are a lot more laid back than the the guys by […]

A Cuban Tree Frog

cuban tree frog

  A Cuban Tree Frog I came across at Animal Island the other day.

A Young Tortoise

young tortoise

I made this picture of a young tortoise at Animal Island the other day. Still looking for some background material. I used some cinefoil for this but found that it doesn’t work all that well.

Summer Solstice 2014

bartel grassland

Headed out to Bartel Grassland Saturday morning to celebrate the Summer Solstice. Couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant morning! The sunrise was pretty uneventful due to a pretty heavy morning fog but other than that it was a beautiful morning. I forget how quiet it can be out there in the early morning. The […]

Local Buck

Local Buck

A local buck was nice enough to pose for us. First buck with velvet antlers I have seen this year. Pretty cool.

Local Turtle

local turtle

A turtle taking a break on a small lake. There were a bunch of these guys just laying around but this guy must have been really comfortable as he/she let me get pretty close.


My brothers' new puppy

Meet Lucia! My brothers’ new puppy.

Goose in the Woods

a goose in the woods

A goose in the woods near me. I liked the light on this guy.

Doe 3/5/14

youn doe

A Doe I met on a walk in the woods.


Kramer the Bearded Dragon

Kramer, my Bearded Dragon, chilling on his rock.

Local Fish

A fish I met at Animal Island 11/13/13

The Last Stand

last stand

The last stand. Some days you’re the snake. Other days you’re the mouse.