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The 3 Amigas

Local Deer

Local Coyote

local coyote

The Happy Couple

monk parakeets

Local Birds

Jerry the Cat

Jerry the Cat

Jerry the Cat in a contemplative mood.

Local Bird

Animal Island. First time I have seen a bird in there. She was very friendly!

Quiet Time

Quiet Time

Sometimes it’s better to let them calm down before you break out the camera.

Baby Green Tootsie Roll Creator

Bark for Life

Bark for Life Calendar

For the last couple of years I have made the pictures for the local American Cancer Society’s Bark for Life Calendar. We finished up shooting this weekend and hopefully the pictures will head off to the printer soon. Here is an out take of this weekends shoot.

Farmers Market Pooch 9/14/13

Farmers Market Pooch

Local Beaver

*** This picture was chosen as one of the “Best of 2013” over at PhotoFriday !!! ***

Lil Pooch


A pooch I met at last weekends picnic