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Local Swim Team

swim team

I was asked to make pictures for this year swim team at my son’s old High School. Quite a few of the guys know me so that makes things a lot easier in that they are a lot more relaxed when I’m on deck vs the old days when I shot for the local paper. […]


water polo

While I don’t know most of the rules when it comes to Water Polo, one thing I do know is that I really like watching it! These kids put everything they have into it and can go from joking around on the deck to pure intensity once in the pool when the whistle blows. This […]

Titan Swim Team

Congratulations to the Tinley Park High School Titan Swim Team. Conference Champions 2014

Take Off – 100m Medley

100m medley

Kieran starting the last leg of a 100m medley for the Tinley Park Titans.  

Crosstown Classic 10k

crosstown classid 10k

Kieran finished 4th in his age group for this one!!!