Lightning Strike!


A pretty powerful thunderstorm blew through and I set my camera up and started ripping frames in hope of capturing some lightning strikes. I set my camera to manual with an aperture of f9 and the shutter set to bulb. I used my cable release and tried to keep the shutter open for around 10 […]

Headed out to Bartel Grassland Saturday morning to celebrate the Summer Solstice. Couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant morning! The sunrise was pretty uneventful due to a pretty heavy morning fog but other than that it was a beautiful morning. I forget how quiet it can be out there in the early morning. The […]

Starry Night

starry night

I spent the night over at the kids house over the weekend to watch the grand dogs. I was by myself and there wasn’t much going on so I thought I would try my hand at some night sky photography. It was a beautiful night and the sky was relatively clear and starry. Amazing how […]

Local Turtle

local turtle

A turtle taking a break on a small lake. There were a bunch of these guys just laying around but this guy must have been really comfortable as he/she let me get pretty close.

This Old House

this old house

An old house I came across this weekend that is in desperate need of repair. The lawn was pretty nice however… It was starting to get cloudy out but the sun was still peeking out when I made this picture. I wanted to make this place look a little more foreboding so in post I […]

Headed out to Davies Pond around 8pm to make a few long exposure pictures. This was my favorite one of the night. Looking at my exif data in Lightroom I realized I never reset my clock when the time changed this spring. I always forget about one.

Local Creek

b&w creek in the woods

A creek near me that will more than likely look quite different in a few months. Landscapes are much easier to explore in the winter but infinitely better looking in the warmer months! The downside here is that everything appears to be the same color. Converting this picture to b&w seems to have separated some […]

I’m starting to believe winter is not going to end anytime soon. This time the snow was¬†heart attack snow. Very wet. And very heavy. The weight of the snow was too heavy for one of the branches on one of the trees in the front yard. Also too much for one of the trees in […]