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Jerry the Cat

jerry the cat

Meet Jerry the Cat. Jerry is almost 9 years old and has lived with me for almost 2 years now. Jerry the Cat greets people when they come over without fail. He doesn’t mind having his picture taken. And best of all he likes the Blackhawks! What more could you ask for? As far as […]

A view of the south branch of the Chicago River on a cloudy, but pleasant evening in December. I really liked the view but wasn’t all that thrilled with the crane. Not much I can do about that though and hopefully I will make another picture like this once the construction is done on Wolf […]

Chase Tower

chase tower chicago

In 1965 the Morrison Hotel was demolished, making room for this beauty. Completed in 1969, this building was originally named First National Plaza. The building was renamed Chase Tower in 2005. With a height of 850 feet, this 60 story building is the tallest in Chicago’s Loop. The Chase Tower along with it’s plaza, takes […]

An outgoing Brown Line train shortly after departing the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. One of the many train pictures I have made over the last month or so. It’s a lot of fun to wander around the city and I’m slowly but surely getting my act together as far as planning my route and making […]

With the nice weather we’ve been having lately considering it’s December in Chicago, I’ve been wandering around the downtown area looking for interesting pictures. I think I may have found one here. The previous week we were at the same spot and while I liked the pictures, they didn’t look right to me. I couldn’t […]

Lake & Wells

Lake & Wells

Cross one off the bucket list. I have had this picture of the intersection of Lake & Wells on my list for over 20 years. I have taken many pictures of it but was never happy with the results until a couple of weeks ago. I chose to go with b&w here to show more […]

Big Uncle Jack

My Uncle Jack. I made this picture of him over the weekend at my Mom’s birthday party. It’s hard to make a bad picture of this guy! I used an sb600 flash bounced up towards the ceiling and wall to light him.

Random Alley

Random ally in the Loop

A random alley in Chicago’s Loop. This was a 15 second exposure with an aperture of f6.3. I converted this frame to b&w using Nik Silver Efex Pro. I was pretty happy with this one and maybe, just maybe, I might start a series of long exposure alley pictures. Could be interesting. Maybe.



These are some berries I came across on a recent walk with a friend. Usually I’m pretty alert and can see cool photo ops but I walked right by this. I didn’t notice them until I turned around and saw my friend making a picture of them. Worst of all, it wasn’t the first, nor […]

4 Ducks on a Log

ducks on a log

I took a short walk the other day at a place I don’t explore that often. This is one of the first pictures I made. This scene was too good to be true. I was thinking more of Landscapes when I got there and hadn’t even really thought about ducks. And there they were, all […]