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Golden Hour

Golden Hour

A friend and I took a walk the other evening and brought our cameras with. Golden Hour was in full swing by the time we got here and we found a spot that yielded some nice landscapes. This was one of my favorites. I was focused on this plant and decided to shoot into the […]

A Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis

This is a pretty cool Praying Mantis as far as Praying Mantises go. The shoot didn’t last all that long as I learned quickly that these guys aren’t really big on standing still. I shot this on my kitchen table using a chunk of white seamless for the background with a white stone tile for […]

Hummingbird 2014

molting hummingbird

I saw this Ruby Throated Hummingbird the other day and thought he/she looked pretty interesting. At first I thought it was a youngster but have since been told it is just molting. It’s fun watching these guys zoom around my friends back yard. They are a lot more laid back than the the guys by […]

Indiana Cactus


This is one of many Prickly Pear cacti that can be found around the Indiana Dunes. For some reason I had never seen a cactus there before. But then again, I never walked the trails until this year. Too bad I missed them when they were flowering but I’ve added it to my photography bucket […]

A Young Tortoise

young tortoise

I made this picture of a young tortoise at Animal Island the other day. Still looking for some background material. I used some cinefoil for this but found that it doesn’t work all that well.

Trees 6/9/14

local trees

I like to walk. I really like taking walks in the woods. There are a few places near me that are fun to explore. Bartel Grassland is one of them. It’s encompasses around 700 or so acres and has it all including water, trees, and wildlife. One thing it doesn’t have is trails. Works for […]

For the fist time in, well, I can’t remember; I actually sat back, cracked open a beer, and watched the fireworks without using a cable or chimping to see if I got the shot. This year I hooked my smart phone to my camera, and with the help of my TriggerTrap app, I didn’t have […]