About This Site

Happy Birthday Jerry!


My name is Jeff and this is my site.


This is a collection of my favorite pictures.


With a few exceptions, within 25 miles of Oak Forest Illinois.


It could happen at any time.


Good question. I’m pretty sure a lot of people ask themselves that when they come here.

The name PhotoAbuse came about around 2003 or so when I was just learning how to use Photoshop. A friend of mine who was trying to teach me would look at me and say, “You know you’re just abusing these poor pictures.” whenever I would show her something I was working on. The name stuck.

I enjoy photography. I like to make pictures. Always have. This site is the result of me actually doing something with a few of the thousands of pictures I have on various hard drives that are laying around my home. I admit, I’m not doing much with them but I felt the need to do something.

Every once in a while I make a picture and, for one reason or another, I really like it. It happens. So instead of marveling at it all by myself, which isn’t all that exciting, I share them with you, my favorite viewer.

I do hope you enjoy looking around and would love to hear your comments. Please don’t leave comments similar to “You should sell all your equipment and never take another picture. Ever again.”. I’ve heard it before and frankly, it’s not gonna happen.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the view!