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TV Time

tv time

TV time for Jerry the Cat. Not much to watch on television the other day and found a cat documentary on Netflix. Until now, Jerry the Cat would only watch Blackhawks games with me. 50 minute documentary and he watched most of it. Go figure.

Kramer the Bearded Dragon

Kramer...My Bearded Dragon

I made this portrait of Kramer this morning. Kramer the Bearded Dragon is pretty laid back and he was in full chill mode this morning. I had just uploaded a few pictures from last night and had my camera on the desk so I thought I would practice a little bit with the manual focus […]

Jerry the Cat

jerry the cat

Meet Jerry the Cat. Jerry is almost 9 years old and has lived with me for almost 2 years now. Jerry the Cat greets people when they come over without fail. He doesn’t mind having his picture taken. And best of all he likes the Blackhawks! What more could you ask for? As far as […]

A Cuban Tree Frog

cuban tree frog

  A Cuban Tree Frog I came across at Animal Island the other day.

A Young Tortoise

young tortoise

I made this picture of a young tortoise at Animal Island the other day. Still looking for some background material. I used some cinefoil for this but found that it doesn’t work all that well.


My brothers' new puppy

Meet Lucia! My brothers’ new puppy.


Kramer the Bearded Dragon

Kramer, my Bearded Dragon, chilling on his rock.

Local Fish

A fish I met at Animal Island 11/13/13

The Last Stand

last stand

The last stand. Some days you’re the snake. Other days you’re the mouse.

Jerry the Cat

Jerry the Cat

Jerry the Cat in a contemplative mood.

Local Bird

Animal Island. First time I have seen a bird in there. She was very friendly!

Quiet Time

Quiet Time

Sometimes it’s better to let them calm down before you break out the camera.