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The Goose Family

goose family

This was a family portrait I made last May. This was a pretty cool goose family as far as goose families go. None of the parents were hissing at me nor did they attempt to chase me away which is pretty unusual. Geese are very territorial and don’t look kindly on interloping guys trying to […]

Local Critter


Someone told me a long long time ago that you should never pack up your gear until the very last minute. Some of your best pictures can come when you are done shooting. Best advice I have ever gotten when it comes to photography. I couldn’t tell you how many times it saved my butt […]

The Robin Family

A Robin Family

This is a Robin nest in a tree right off my balcony. You gotta love it when a photo op this nice is so close to home! I have been watching this nest since it was built. So has Jerry the Cat. They picked a perfect spot too. Far enough out on the branch so […]

The Great Horned Owl Family

Baby Great Horned Owl

I like Spring. Everything waking up after a long winter is fun to see. For some reason, I haven’t been walking the trails that much lately. I still enjoy it. Just don’t do it as often. One thing is for sure though. I always stop by the “Owl Basket”. The Owl Basket, located in the […]

The Happy Couple

happy couple red tail hawks

  I see this happy couple pretty much every morning. They never seem to stray too far from here but until now, I had never made a picture of them.

4 Ducks on a Log

ducks on a log

I took a short walk the other day at a place I don’t explore that often. This is one of the first pictures I made. This scene was too good to be true. I was thinking more of Landscapes when I got there and hadn’t even really thought about ducks. And there they were, all […]

A Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis

This is a pretty cool Praying Mantis as far as Praying Mantises go. The shoot didn’t last all that long as I learned quickly that these guys aren’t really big on standing still. I shot this on my kitchen table using a chunk of white seamless for the background with a white stone tile for […]

Hummingbird 2014

molting hummingbird

I saw this Ruby Throated Hummingbird the other day and thought he/she looked pretty interesting. At first I thought it was a youngster but have since been told it is just molting. It’s fun watching these guys zoom around my friends back yard. They are a lot more laid back than the the guys by […]

Summer Solstice 2014

bartel grassland

Headed out to Bartel Grassland Saturday morning to celebrate the Summer Solstice. Couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant morning! The sunrise was pretty uneventful due to a pretty heavy morning fog but other than that it was a beautiful morning. I forget how quiet it can be out there in the early morning. The […]

Local Buck

Local Buck

A local buck was nice enough to pose for us. First buck with velvet antlers I have seen this year. Pretty cool.

Local Turtle

local turtle

A turtle taking a break on a small lake. There were a bunch of these guys just laying around but this guy must have been really comfortable as he/she let me get pretty close.

Goose in the Woods

a goose in the woods

A goose in the woods near me. I liked the light on this guy.