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Winter Weeds


Been a while since I’ve gone for a stroll in the woods. What with the weather being what it was and my gig at Amazon, going on a walk didn’t appear all that appealing. The temps soared above freezing and the boredom level was pretty high so I headed out for a stroll. I usually […]

Michigan Star Trails

Michigan Star Trails

Every summer I head out to a big family reunion. Over 150 family members show up for a fun weekend of fun and catching up on the past years happenings. Quite a few folks attend the Saturday night dinner which is huge but nothing like the dinner on Sunday. This years reunion was held on […]



This is a sunshine picture I made over the weekend with my phone. It never fails. Whenever there is some really cool light I’m either inside or in my car. Saturday was a crazy weather day. A little sunshine followed by a blizzard. This kept happening all day. Pretty wild. While out running a few […]

One of My Favorite Places – Bartel Grassland

Bartel Grassland

Bartel Grassland is one of my favorite places to visit. It’s got a lot going for it. It’s close to home, it’s big (585 acres), and there is a lot to see. If I have a little time on my hands I’ll head out there and take a walk. There’s open prairie, clumps of forest, […]

Local Critter


Someone told me a long long time ago that you should never pack up your gear until the very last minute. Some of your best pictures can come when you are done shooting. Best advice I have ever gotten when it comes to photography. I couldn’t tell you how many times it saved my butt […]

North Avenue Beach

Beach Time is Almost Here!

After another long cold winter, North Avenue Beach is looking pretty good! This picture is from a couple of months ago when we had a great spring day. Soon it will be packed with people. This is a great beach to visit as there is always something going on there. But then again, any beach […]

Osage Orange Trees

Osage Orange tree

This is part of a row of Osage Orange trees that I see often on my walks. These are some pretty old ones and have a lot of personality. They also make great trees for nests I have noticed. Farmers used to use these as fences back in the day and would use the branches […]

A Curve in the Trail

This is a picture of the walking trail near me. It was one of the first really nice days this year and I felt the need to take a walk. I rarely walk this trail and there wasn’t a whole lot to look at until I happened upon this scene.

Sleeping Boats

sleeping boats

These are a few of the boats stacked up for the winter at my son’s sportsman’s club. Pretty quiet around there this time of year. Hopefully it will not stay that way for long and these boats, along with the slide pictured below, will be in use in a couple of months or so. I […]

The Happy Couple

happy couple red tail hawks

  I see this happy couple pretty much every morning. They never seem to stray too far from here but until now, I had never made a picture of them.

4 Ducks on a Log

ducks on a log

I took a short walk the other day at a place I don’t explore that often. This is one of the first pictures I made. This scene was too good to be true. I was thinking more of Landscapes when I got there and hadn’t even really thought about ducks. And there they were, all […]

Davies Pond – Spring 2014

davies pond

This is a picture of Davies Pond. This is a pond I see almost every day and stop by quite often for a walk and some pictures. While not my best picture of the pond, it is one of my favorites. This was taken on March 31st of this year and things had just started […]