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Indiana Cactus


This is one of many Prickly Pear cacti that can be found around the Indiana Dunes. For some reason I had never seen a cactus there before. But then again, I never walked the trails until this year. Too bad I missed them when they were flowering but I’ve added it to my photography bucket […]

This Old House

this old house

An old house I came across this weekend that is in desperate need of repair. The lawn was pretty nice however… It was starting to get cloudy out but the sun was still peeking out when I made this picture. I wanted to make this place look a little more foreboding so in post I […]

Lady in a Blue Dress

blue dress

Tried a little smoke photography the other night and came up with this one. It looks like a lady in a blue dress to me anyway!

Cold Air

Cold air

A local air pump looking a little neglected during last weeks cold snap.

Local Tree

local tree

Diving Pepper

diving pepper

  A fun afternoon project with my son. Lots of splashing peppers for sure. You can see his picture over on his site, RedfishBluefish.


Bus Races 2013

Had some serious fun with my family Saturday night at Illiana Motor Speedway! I didn’t make a lot of pictures because of the fence but then again, this was so much fun you just wanted to watch everything. The place was packed, the beer was flowing, and we witnessed some crazy driving. We all did […]

Flight x3

Hit the trifecta while trying to get a picture of this Hawk!