Winter Weeds

January 9, 2018

Been a while since I’ve gone for a stroll in the woods. What with the weather being what it was and my gig at Amazon, going on a walk didn’t appear all that appealing. The temps soared above freezing and the boredom level was pretty high so I headed out for a stroll. I usually head out to this spot to see the local deer and they didn’t let me down. Only a few but hey, better than the days when you see none.

What caught my eye on this walk though were the weeds. I usually try to do a few macros of them but it was a bit windy and landscapes seemed to be the order of the day. I saw these weeds blowing around and it looked like they were dancing. Probably enjoying the pleasant weather as much as me I guess.

In addition to the weeds, I did manage to make one decent picture of a Doe.

Doe 1/8/18


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