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Winter Weeds


Been a while since I’ve gone for a stroll in the woods. What with the weather being what it was and my gig at Amazon, going on a walk didn’t appear all that appealing. The temps soared above freezing and the boredom level was pretty high so I headed out for a stroll. I usually […]

A Short Summer Walk

Nectar Break

It’s been an odd summer around here. It seems the whole summer has been hot and humid and not much fun to be outside. Also it would appear that when I have gone out for walks, my camera hasn’t been with me. I was more interested in looking around and not so interested in making […]



There is a yard I drive by every morning. In this particular yard there is a patch of these shrooms every fall. I have taken pictures of these before but this year the light was really nice which always helps. These guys didn’t look all that exciting in color so I tried going b&w via […]